Welcome to our Wednesday feature of “What Were They Thinking?”. I thought I would take a few minutes to share with you what “not” to do when selling your home. What better way to drive this point home, than to show you photos of houses that are currently on the market.

Did you know that 98% of potential buyers shop for their home on the internet? When a potential buyer physically sees your property, he or she is actually looking at it for the second time. It is critical that the pictures representing your property be stellar, or you run the risk of a buyer skipping over your property and moving on to the hundreds of other homes that are similar to yours in features and price.

Today we are going to look at a condominium that is priced at $495,000. From the outside, I could live here. You? Beautiful waterway, nicely kept gardens with a gazebo. What’s not to love?


Let’s take a peek inside the unit. The first room we see is the eating area/living room combination. It is a nice size with a nice neutral tile floor, however, there are too many “things” in this space. My recommendation to the homeowner would be to pair down the stuff to just the basics, i.e., table and chairs, sofa and set of chairs, one sideboard and a few accessories. I would also recommend toning down the crayon yellow wall color with something a little easier on the eyes.


The kitchen is a lovely space with granite and nice cabinets. My recommendations would include clearing everything off of the counters and putting away the magazines located on the bar stool.


This bathroom has two sinks, a soaker tub and nice tile. My recommendations would include removing the wallpaper. This wallpaper is too “taste specific” and will not appeal to every buyer. When buyers see wallpaper, they see work. When a buyer sees work, they start mentally deducting money from what they are willing to offer the seller for the property. I would also recommend removing all of the items from the top of the sink area, the throw rug, and the dirty clothes hamper.


A very nice home office, however, there are too many things in the space. I would recommend removing the non-essential pieces and removing the wallpaper. I would also recommend adding a large piece of art to replace the smaller pieces that are currently being used.


When buyers see laundry soap, the iron, miscellaneous cleaning products sitting out, what message is being sent? The message being sent is that there is not enough storage in this house. Is that the truth? Maybe, but you don’t want them to figure that out until after they have purchased the house! Put away all cleaning products. Even if there is a plethora of storage, a buyer won’t believe it if there are items sitting around.


Great tv room, but it seems a little off. An easy fix would be to reposition the rug under the trunk. I would also recommend minimizing the amount of things in this room. Keep in mind when you are selling, you are selling square footage, not your things.


Join me next time for another “What Were They Thinking?” spot where we discuss the good, the bad and the ugly of staged or non-staged (whichever may apply) photos of current properties on the market.

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