With the Holiday season fast approaching, we at Staged & Styled hope that your home will be filled with love, laughter, joy, comfort, and aromas of “feel good” food.

Nothing compares to having friends and family close sharing memories and looking forward to a new year.

If you’re anything like me, I tell myself every year that I am going to simplify things so I am not so exhausted by New Years. BUT, then I start looking at Pinterest and magazines and discover all kinds of new recipes and decorating ideas that, if implemented, will elevate me to the status of Holiday Queen of Hospitality 2016.

So in the spirit of keeping things simple, here are few tips that will help you host with ease:

1. Don’t over invite – Give guests room to mingle.
2. Do not block the view – use low, intimate centerpieces.
3. Cater to friends with kids – Hire a sitter and have a kids room.
4. Keep the color palette simple – pick two colors and stick to those as your theme.
5. Stick to recipes that are tried and true.
6. Break up the prep into daily tasks over the week prior.
7. Set up a simple bar with just a few bottles/types of wine and/or beer and maybe a signature cocktail.
8. Time together is important – pick the type of meal that will allow you time to enjoy your guests.
9. Pick one gift to give as a hostess gift and buy in multiples.
10. Call Staged and Styled for all of your holiday decorating and party styling needs!