Selling your home during the holidays can be challenging. Here are few tips to help you celebrate the season and draw those buyers in:

  • Downsize your Christmas tree, if needed.  Keep in mind you are selling the square footage of each room and by placing an oversized Christmas tree in the room, it makes the space seem small. Simply replace an oversized tree with a smaller skinnier version.
  • Keep holiday color scheme cohesive with your existing decor.  White, off white or silver ornaments coordinate with any color scheme.
  • Go ahead and pack up blow up holiday lawn displays.  A few lights on the trees outside is okay, but keep your yard free from other decorations.
  • A holiday wreath on the front door says, “Welcome!”
  • Use your holiday decorations to draw attention to selling features, i.e. garland stretched across a fireplace mantle, or a table top tree placed on a table in a breakfast nook will grab the buyer’s eye.

A general rule of thumb… don’t go crazy with holiday decorations. Save that for your new house! A few touches here and there will create a festive environment, while at the same time help to showcase the selling features of your home.