Halloween is a great time for dressing up your house!  The décor can range anywhere from family-friendly, cute and fun to spooky, scary and spectacular.  Which is your favorite?

We thought it would be fun to interview someone who has a flair for the spooky side.  One of my dear friends, Kathy Weaver, loves decking her house out for Halloween and I absolutely love how everything comes together.  I sat down with Kathy to ask where her inspiration comes from and what she likes best about Halloween decorating:

Would you say Halloween is your favorite holiday?  

K:  Yes, but Christmas is a very close second.


K:  This is the holiday decorating I enjoy doing with my daughter.  It is so fun to experiment with funky, out-of-the ordinary pieces.  I don’t follow traditional décor like I do with Christmas.

 Do you spend more time decorating for Halloween than Christmas?

K:  No, I spend more time with Christmas.  Although I did quite a bit of shopping this year to find new pieces and I still have some to add.  I haven’t even started my outside!

 How long does it take?

K:  About a day and a half, maybe a full 2 days.

 Do you add to your collection each year?

K:  Yes!  This year I added a lot!  I wanted to transition to a more mature setting now that the kids are getting older.  I tried to keep some youthful items for the kids, but now I get to add more adult items to my displays.

 What is your favorite piece(s)?

K:  This year my favorite piece is the Raven and skull piece I have on the mantle.  My Dracula Butler was always my favorite and will never go away!  He freaks everyone out when they come to the front door (giggle).

 Where do you find inspiration?   

K:  I found some fun ideas on Pinterest (of course).  But I Googled a lot as well.  I like looking up tablescapes and fireplace décor.

 photo 1-2 photo 1-3 photo 1 photo 2-2 photo 3-2 photo 3-3As you can surmise, Halloween is definitely one of Kathy’s favorite holidays!  I hope you enjoyed hearing from Kathy and are inspired to add a little spooky fun to your décor this year.  I must admit the Dracula Butler has made me jump almost every year!