Vacant Staging

“My house is empty and needs to be more appealing to buyers.”

Buyers will purchase a home when they feel an emotional connection to the property. When your property is vacant, the rooms appear lifeless, cold and small. By adding furniture, art and accessories, vacant homes staged by Staged & Styled are warm and inviting and appear larger.

Staged & Styled can fill your vacant home or property with rental furniture, art and accessories to help the potential buyer imagine himself/herself living and enjoying life in your home or property. Upon request, a Staging Bid is submitted to you outlining the key areas to be staged and the investment involved. Contact us for preview pricing.

This service is perfect for Investors, Flippers, Rehabbers, Landlords or Sellers who had to move all of their furniture to their existing home before selling their prior residence.

If you would like to explore the different options we have for your vacant home or property, contact us today to schedule an estimate.