Real Estate Staging

“I am selling my house and I would like a competitive edge over the other houses in my price range. Can staging really set my home above every other house that is currently for sale in my price range? If I have my home staged, will it sell faster than a non-staged home and for more money?”

Those are questions I get asked on a consistent basis. Another question I have been asked is, “What is Real Estate Staging?” Let’s start here!

There are four key components to selling your property: Price, Condition/Presentation, Location and Marketing. Although you have no control over the location of your property, the good news is you do have control (or at least can influence) the other key factors for getting your property SOLD.Once the decision has been made to sell a home, that home becomes a product and must be “merchandised” and treated as such. Our staging experts have been trained to draw the buyers attention to the selling features of the home and away from the negatives that could kill a sale. Staging, if done well, will draw the potential buyer in and help them imagine themselves living and enjoying life in the home.

By having your property staged by the staging professionals at Staged & Styled, the condition and presentation of your home will outshine other homes in your price range.

Did you know that currently, the average days on market for un-staged homes in our area is 75 days. By staging a property, we are able to cut that market time in most cases by 85% or more. On average, 90% of our occupied staged properties sell in 13 days or less. 90% of our vacant staged homes sell in 5 days or less! And don’t forget, the investment in Staging is ALWAYS less than your first price reduction.

Veteran real estate brokers and agents agree that proper staging can speed the sale and often increase the price, too. The key is to get it done right! Having your home professionally staged by the experts at Staged & Styled BEFORE it goes on the market is ideal, but if you are currently listed and are not getting the results you want, contact us today to explore the packages we offer to get your vacant or occupied property SOLD!