Occupied Staging

“How do I get my house ready to sell while my family and I are still living in it?”

The first step to properly preparing your home for sale is an Occupied Staging Consultation. During the consultation, we will walk through each room with you so we can help you start to view your house through the eyes of a buyer.

We will give you recommendations that will help potential buyers focus on the selling features of your house and not on your things. We base our recommendations on your timeline for listing, as well as your budget. We also take a look at the outside of the house to assess your curb appeal.

Every property is unique, so our recommendations are not cookie cutter suggestions, but designed to present your property in its best light to potential buyers and to help you get top dollar for one of your largest investments.

At the conclusion of the staging consultation, you will be armed with a Staging Checklist that you can start implementing that day! If time is in short supply, Staged & Styled will be happy to assist you in the implementation of the Staging Checklist.


Contact us with any questions and to schedule your staging consultation.