Interior Redesign

“I wish I could use my own things and get a whole new look!”

As you look around your home, do you wish things were different? You like some of your things and others not so much. If only you knew how to pull it all together. As your interior decorator team, we breathe new life into your rooms with a powerful decorating concept called Interior Redesign.

Make your rooms look updated with your own furniture and accessories!

By using furniture and accessories you currently have in your home, your Staged & Styled interior decorator is able to create a “new” room through the power of placement. With your permission, we “shop” your home for items; then blend them together to create a new, fresh and stylish look.

We start by emptying the room carefully and completely. After the room is empty, we identify architectural elements and determine the focal point of the room. Once this is determined, the furniture is arranged in a new layout and the art and accessories are placed to add the finishing touches!

If after the completion of your interior redesign, you decide to use more than your current items, Staged & Styled can make suggestions for additional pieces that will work well and fit seamlessly into your new space. If you are limited on time, let us know and we will shop for you! Then, on the day of your redesign, we will incorporate the items we hand selected just for you into your newly refreshed and redesigned room.

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In Our Client’s Words

Initially we hired Staged and Styled to do a redesign of our dining room. We loved the outcome of the dining room so much, we then asked Kim back to do a redesign of our family room. I had a wonderful experience with Staged and Styled. Kim has helped design two rooms in our home and I love everything she has done for me! Her eye for design is “spot on” and she knows how to do things quickly and effortlessly. Kim listened to my style preferences and nailed it with each of her recommendations. She is warm and professional, responsive to questions, and works well within a set budget.