Raves & Reviews

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kim!!!! The painters just left and I am so thrilled I can hardly stand it!!!! I LOVE THE NEW COLORS! Thank you soooooooooooo much for your consultation. Hooray!


Kim completely bought and designed all furniture and art items for our new office. She was really easy to work with and you had the sense the whole time that you were working with a pure professional. She helped us set the right expectation regarding what we wanted and our budget. The results are spectacular and she got everything done in the timeframe we had asked for. I would recommend her to everyone I know and when I need anything else she will be my first call.


Excellent! I was ready to return a new sofa I purchased because I felt it was way too big for my great room. Staged and Styled simply turned it and moved a few things around and what a difference it made! I was also going to get a few tables, but with Kim’s advice, I am able to use one with my new sofa, and the other 2 will find a new home in my basement! Kim was very professional, respectful of my wants and needs, and gave some fantastic advice! I would highly recommend her for anyone needing decorating advice.


I wanted to thank you again for staging our home! I do believe it made a difference! We met with our realtor last night to accept an offer that has been presented.



Stephanie’s house was on the market for 10 months with no offers. After staging, it received 2 offers and sold in 3 months!

We originally asked Kim to come to our home to give us feedback on dining table options. After viewing the space, she e-mailed us great ideas. In addition, she offered to help with the look of our display cabinet. For three years I have had dishes, serving pieces, vases, you name it…jammed into a glass doored cabinet. She noticed this of course and offered to “merchandise” it for us. The results are AWESOME! Kim came “armed” with plate stands and I gave her free reign to do whatever she thought was best. She worked with items we had in various areas of the house. After two hours she had merchandised the glass cabinet, entry chest, sideboard, and two bookshelves. I LOVE looking around our house now!

I am so impressed with Kim’s skill. I can’t wait to have her come back and work in other areas of our house. How fun to do this while living in the house…rather than wait to hire her to stage the house to sell. Well done Staged & Styled!


Kim is extremely professional, easy to work with, has wonderful ideas and took a personal interest in our project. She went above and beyond our expectations even completing the job before the deadline. We couldn’t be more pleased! The response to the home is overwhelmingly positive!


Kim previewed my home and really took time to consult with me about my style. She placed some of my existing items for me, then we discussed specific areas of my home that could be enhanced. After our consultation, she went shopping for decor and artwork. She returned mere days later to place the items and complete the transformation. My home now feels so much more inviting! Kim is very professional and wonderful to work with. The whole experience was fabulous! When I am ready to decorate my basement, she is the first person I will call!


I won’t make another decorating decision without you! Your gifts and talents kept me from making costly mistakes! Thank you!


Kim went above and beyond our expectations! Thank you, Kim! We love our ‘new’ rooms!


Kim did an excellent job coordinating, purchasing items, and displaying everything beautifully. From day one, we were made aware of timetables, purchases, and selections. There were absolutely NO surprises. Kim stayed within the budget and made wise purchases that worked well with existing furniture and artwork. The flow from one room to the next is remarkable!


Cutler Realty

You provided helpful information to make our home warmer and more appealing to buyers. You gave good suggestions on adding color and accessories to our home. Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas!


Kim is open and easy to talk with. She listens to your individuals needs, likes and dislikes when putting your room together. Our room turned out open and airy but at the same time she created a warm and comfortable area to relax and unwind.


It looks fabulous! I can’t believe it! I still can’t believe it! I can’t wait for people to see my house. Absolutely unbelievable!


We decided that we wanted to update our home but did not feel we could do it ourselves. We felt what we had was good but needed new accents and did not think we could blend 8 rooms together.

After discussions with Kim in which she sought our likes, dislikes and ideas, we agreed to start with our master bedroom. Kim and her team executed the plan in our master bedroom while we were away and we were so pleased we couldn’t wait for them to do the other rooms.

We felt like we were living the TV show Extreme Home Makeover but not spending nearly that magnitude of money. We were in such an emotional high when we saw the rooms that tears were flowing from our cheeks. They were able to take our thoughts and ideas and translate them into reality that surpassed our expectations.

They did this in a very cost effective and timely manner. They used nearly all our existing furniture and were able to transform our house into our dream home by rearranging and purchasing accents. We think they increased the value of our home significantly more than the cost to update. We’ve been enjoying their work ever since.


Our daughter’s new playroom is so lived in now. I could not love it more than I do! You are so FABULOUS!!!


Kim was excellent! I was worried about spending the money on a professional stager when I could easily spend that money on decorations and furniture instead. I never felt like she was out to get me to spend more money on purchases. She encouraged using existing pieces already in the house and borrowing wherever possible. After the initial consultation, she continued to be responsive and reviewed pictures of items I was considering purchasing and gave me guidance in what kind of things I should or should not be looking for. I truly felt she went above and beyond.



This home was on the market for 1 year with no offers. After staging, they got an offer in 3 days.

Thanks so much! Our first house visitor commented on how nicely decorated all of the rooms were!



This home sold within 2 weeks of putting it on the market as a For Sale By Owner property.

Kim and her team came in and staged my house beautifully. They took items from around my house and moved them to areas I never thought of putting them. I could not believe when they left that not only was it my house, but my own stuff! It really helped sell my home and now I am using the service for my new home, for decorating purposes! I would recommend this team over and over again!

Overall the process was easy and straightforward. The team was able to move my items to make improvements or even brought in their own to enhance my space. It was a great experience from start to finish!


Kim, you are a delight to work with! We always felt comfortable conveying our ideas and never felt pressured to do anything we didn’t want too. For such a small space, your ‘staging and styling’ made a huge impact! Now we’re excited to get started on the next space. Our ‘new’ den is warm, inviting and stylish! Thank you!


Kim was very professional and gave excellent advice. We discussed colors, and she provided good ideas for updating each room. Her recommendations for furniture placement were great, and she made suggestions that would add that special touch to the rooms. Kim was knowledgeable and very informed about the current housing market. It was a positive experience.


Staged & Styled staged my rehab properties after I was finished with the construction work. Kim put furniture and decorations inside the houses to make them look lived-in and totally inviting.

Everything truly went great. We had no issues with anything involved in her services. She did a BEAUTIFUL job staging the properties with just the right amount of furniture and decorations. I have used her on 2 separate projects already and plan to use her in the future again.

I believe that my houses sold faster and for more money than they would have without her services. She truly paid for herself in the increased sale price. I didn’t have to babysit her or the people she had assisting her. I would highly recommend her to other investors who do rehab houses, or to homeowners who want to sell their houses quickly and for top dollar.


All About Homes


After staging, one of Jennifer’s homes sold within 24 hours for $5,000 over asking price!

Initially we hired Staged and Styled to do a redesign of our dining room. We loved the outcome of the dining room so much, we then asked Kim back to do a redesign of our family room. I had a wonderful experience with Staged and Styled. Kim has helped design two rooms in our home and I love everything she has done for me! Her eye for design is “spot on” and she knows how to do things quickly and effortlessly. Kim listened to my style preferences and nailed it with each of her recommendations. She is warm and professional, responsive to questions, and works well within a set budget.



We believe the decorating/staging played a vital role in getting our home sold.


We could not have been more pleased! We were so excited how she transformed this ‘flip’ house for us. We know it’s a great house in a great neighborhood – Staged & Styled just gave it the boost that sets it apart from what else is out there.


This house had been on the market for 6 months without any offers. After we staged this property, it sold in 3 days!


I love the look and feel of our living, dining, and family rooms. Thanks to you, I just look so forward to seeing our ‘new’ rooms when I come home from school each day.


Kim did a fantastic job at my home! When I first contacted Kim, I had new furniture, newly painted walls but didn’t know how to arrange my furniture or wall decorations to give the old space a new feel. She moved furniture and hung wall decorations and created a look that I could never have conceived. It looks so different yet so right. Everyone who sees it loves the new look, even my husband!


Upon meeting Kim Ausbury for the first time she put my husband and I completely at ease with the home staging process. We hired Kim for an Occupied Home Staging Consultation. Starting at our front door she thoughtfully went room by room making creative recommendations on wall color, furniture placement and accessorizing. We were particularly impressed with Kim’s skills in using items we already owned but in different ways to make our home look it’s best. She is knowledgeable about what impresses buyers when touring a home for sale. Kim is very good at what she does and helped us immensely in making our home stand out from the competition. Kim is worth every penny of her consultation fee!


Kim Ausbury is a dream to work with. She redesigned our family room that continues to serve our family beautifully. She helped me re-decorate our living room and dining room. She did a complete transformation of our now adult children’s rooms. Gone are the shrines to their high school years. We now have 2 beautiful guest ready rooms that fit the personality of our son and daughter PERFECTLY. She also did an overall evaluation and recommendation study of our entire home. I now have a plan from which to work so I can keep our home up to date and ready to sell if and when that time comes. I will not make a decorating decision without her!

Since I have worked with Kim on 3 different decorating projects, I can say that she is a true professional. She is prompt, thorough and works in a timely fashion without rushing me. She listens well and is a master of understanding and interpreting my vision. Each of my experiences in working with her has been a joy and a pleasure.


Kim used her time and talents to help Custom Apparel get a game plan in order to totally re-do our business office. She took it from the tired dated 1980’s to fresh and up to date! She had great ideas about color, space, organization, lighting, windows and function. She was not pushy but kept us on track. Her communication skills, attention to detail and professionalism are suburb. And, overall I felt like I made a friend. The project was a success and we felt very good about the experience and would highly recommend her services.


Custom Apparel

Everything that was done and the suggestions on paint worked to sell our house and very quickly. Kim’s staging got our home SOLD!


Thanks again! I have received so many compliments!


Kim staged a home we were selling in another city. She did a great job and it sold the home for us! I would use Staged & Styled again.



Prior to staging, Joe’s home was on the market for 70 days with no offers. After staging, it sold in 10 days!

Kim came over to my home and we went through room by room discussing changes that would make my house ready to be placed on the market. Staged and Styled went above and beyond my expectations. Kim suggested items to change, remove, replace etc., but wasn’t pushy. She spent a lot of time with me and also a lot of email time. I would definitely use Staged and Styled again.



After staging, Anne received an offer in less than two weeks after placing her home up for sale!

Kim is great! Her creativity is awesome and after 3 years of wondering what to do with my two story family room wall and furniture placement, our family room is warm and cozy now.


Kim, you exceeded our expectations. We thought you would do a little to get the house ready, but, WOW, it has been totally changed! It is beautiful! We appreciated you listening to us and helping us understand the difference between decorating and staging. Your talents are so right on – not many people do what they are gifted to perform – you, however, are certainly in the perfect place. We’ll be forever grateful. Your tips and suggestions will follow us to our new home!


Kim I just wanted to let you know that my husband painted the entire great room in the paint color you recommended. I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical at the beginning, but now that we put all of the furniture back in place, it looks great! It has that warmth to it that I was looking for and pulls the gold color out of our furniture. Thank you so much for your advice!


Before Kim and her team arrived, I asked my wife, ‘What could they possibly do to our room?’ Now I know! Our master bedroom looks like a hotel suite. I feel like I am at the Ritz Carlton!


I was surprised at how nice my things looked when arranged by Kim! Bringing in so many cottage elements made me fall in love with that style all over again. I forgot how much I liked the vintage and warm cottage design.


Thanks so much, Kim! Just what I needed! Great communication throughout!


I LOVE it! I couldn’t be happier. It’s exactly what I was looking for. I walked in and said, ‘Oh my God, you nailed it.’ Either you’re psychic or you’re that good…so you choose. It’s exactly what I had in mind. The room looks like a complete adult room now. I can’t thank you enough!


Ever since Kim reworked the space in two of our most-used rooms, I find myself purposefully walking in or by them just to look and admire once again!! It’s amazing! The look and feel of the rooms are now warm and inviting vs. the ‘unfinished’ feel that existed before she arrived.

What’s more, Kim mainly used my own existing belongings which was very cost-effective, and a great way to show off many of those cherished items that I just couldn’t seem to ‘find a place for’ previously.

I highly recommend Kim to anyone looking for professional decorating advice for wide-open space, or even just a ‘fresh perspective’ on rooms that are ‘almost there’!! Personally, I find myself wishing I had more unfinished rooms so I could invite her back again!


Kim is delightful to work with and the results were wonderful! Everything was beautiful quality!


I love the rooms! Thanks again for having a vision for my Creative Memories office and cropping areas.