The kitchen is the most multifunctional area in the house. Remodeling your kitchen gives you the opportunity to design the perfect combination of personal preference and functionality that suits your cooking, eating, and entertainment needs.

Houzz recently hosted a webinar for industry professionals where they shared trends they are seeing in the kitchen remodeling arena.  Here’s what’s trending:


1)   White is the most popular color for cabinets.
2)  Outdoor lights are being used as pendants.
3)  Mixed metals, glass & brass, full metal lights are popular.
4)  Large islands.
5)  Bigger is better!  Oversized pendants to balance larger islands.
6)  Contemporary is the most popular style. Modern or Farmhouse style is popular with Millennials.
7)  Countertops – Marble for the “look”.  Granite or Quartz for the durability.
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