When my oldest son turned 18, it was such a joy for me to celebrate this milestone birthday with him.  The dilemma came when I was preparing to “decorate” for his party.  How do you decorate for a man who doesn’t want too many bright colors and over the top streamers and balloons?  Solution:  I decided to hang large black and white photos of him in place of birthday banners.  I had his friends write a birthday message on one of them so it also served as a keepsake.

I got a little carried away and placed five art photos around the room.  After inspection by my son, I had to remove most of them ~ “a little too much of me”, he said nicely as to not quash my enthusiasm.  I honored the request, of course, but who can blame a mother for going a little overboard when it comes to her child?

To create your own large black and white artwork ~ take a photo (on a jump drive) to OfficeMax and ask them to make an engineer’s print.  The largest size, I believe is 4′ x 3′.  You can also make them smaller, which in some cases is better because the picture is a little clearer.  Each print cost $7.80.  A great way to decorate on the cheap, but with impact and meaning.  (Thanks to Pinterest for the idea inspiration).