The weather in Northeast Ohio has been unpredictable this winter.  Did we have winter?  Sort of.  Despite the lack of single digit temperatures, Spring is scheduled to arrive in 19 days!  So let’s welcome this glorious season with bright colors and fun decor.  Here are few ideas to get you started:
1.  Create a welcoming entrance by painting your front door a bright color. For a touch of whimsy and fun add the vinyl letters that say, “Hello”.  Sure to bring a smile to every visitor.
96324cfa-4e6c-4216-bc3f-d63aa0e843032.  Need a focal point or art piece? Instead of hanging a mirror or framed art, collect 5 birdhouses, paint in complimentary colors and hang to create a “WOW, I never would have thought of that!” statement.
d996fe5f-5ecd-46fe-acd7-2baeba3042a33.  Nothing says Spring like Fresh Flowers.  Plant tulips in matching containers and line up down the middle of your table.  Creates a welcoming respite for the eyes.