Let’s take a minute to think about the process of selling a car.

AutoreinigungWhen we decide to sell a car, the first thing we do is clean it.  Am I right?  Now you and I both know, we don’t just clean the car, we “detail” the car.  Now why do we go to this extent?  Because we know the better the car looks, the more money we will get from the sale.

Well, the same principle applies to our home.  Where is most of your equity – in your car or in your home?  Your home, of course.  I always tell my clients that their house needs to be “Q-tip” or “White Glove” clean.  That means if you were to run a cotton swab or a white glove across any part of their home it would come back spotless.  Now that’s clean!  And that is what potential buyers are looking to purchase.

Don’t feel up the task of detailing your house?  Consider hiring a cleaning company to deep clean for you.  This will save you time and stress and your house will be one step closer to being SOLD!

Remember the way you live in your home and the way we market and sell your house are two VERY different things.