Recently, the Staged and Styled team decorated a master suite for a special client.  A widow for many years, she had recently decided to make her bedroom (formerly shared with her husband), a place where she could go to relax, rest, and recharge.  We enjoyed using her existing favorite furnishings, along with decorative items we had selected to create a comfortable, beautiful, and feminine master suite especially for her. 

Unfortunately, many people consider their own master bedroom as the space to store laundry baskets, computer and work files, kids’ toys, and general household overflow.  Our chaotic and cluttered culture has typically forgotten the importance of rest time and the value of rejuvenation.  We tend to think our own personal space is not worthy of attention to beauty and order.  For those who want to rethink and redesign, we have a few suggestions for creating a restful and enjoyable place for private retreat.

The first and most important step is to remove everything that doesn’t belong in a master suite.  Put the TV in another room, along with the desk containing paper clutter and reminders of work.  Place clothing in a suitable closet and dresser spaces and clear all surfaces as much as possible.

Choose a soothing color palette.  Blues have been proven to promote relaxation more than other colors, and neutrals are always a good choice.  Grays, whites, and beiges are a beautiful backdrop to begin staging your master bedroom.  If you have an ensuite bath, carry the same colors into that space to create a smooth and seamless transition. 

Select quality bedding, starting with the mattress.  Spend a bit extra for soft and durable linens in the colors you love.  The comforter and decorative pillows are the focal point of any bedroom and are the place to begin when choosing accent colors.  

For the master bath, splurge on the fluffy spa towels you love when you stay in upscale hotels.

Lighting is important.  If you enjoy reading in bed, keep that in mind when choosing side tables and lamps.  Make sure your reading light is bright enough, but also provides ambient lighting to dim the room to a relaxing glow for other occasions.  If a ceiling light is the primary source of light, install a dimmer switch to control the brightness.

If space allows, place a comfortable chair in the room.  This simple addition will expand your bedroom into a place to read, relax, or even have a chat with a family member at the end of a long and busy day. Add an ottoman and floor lamp to create a perfect nook.

When decorating for a couple, try not to make your choices too gender specific. Most men aren’t huge fans of lavender. A black leather headboard with nail heads may not appeal to all women.  Soft touches can remain suitable for any taste.  For instance, soft linen curtain panels can add luxurious texture to a room without making a strong feminine or masculine statement. 

You are worth a restful and beautiful bedroom to call your own. Sweet dreams… and remember Staged and Styled is only a phone call or email away if we can help.