Ahhh…  Summer!  It’s a breath of fresh air with an extended exhale. Doesn’t it seem easier to catch your breath and get rid of stress a little easier when the sun is shining and it is a balmy 80 degrees outside?
I’m sure you would also agree, the perfect place to rest and relax during summer is a Porch.
We all crave the wrap around porch.  Who hasn’t dreamed of a southern charmer with rocking chairs and a mint julep in hand, but even if you aren’t the owner of a southern plantation, you can still create a wonderful space for napping, daydreaming, reading a favorite book, conversing with family and friends or just sipping on some lemonade.
Where to start?  First order of business is seating.  Seating could be a weather resistant couch, loveseat, a pair of Adirondak chairs, a bench, metal chairs, director chairs, rocking chairs, porch swing or a even a bistro set.  The size of your porch, number of people you hope to accommodate on a daily basis and design style will help you choose the right pieces.
If space allows, consider a hammock, daybed or a pair of twin beds, as these can be perfect for catching a mid day catnap.
Once furniture has been selected, arrange it facing in the direction of a natural focal point; a water view, wooded area, etc. or place the pieces in conversational friendly groupings.  Add end tables and a coffee table to help complete the look.  Add an outdoor rug to define the sitting/dining/sleeping area.
Keep in mind, the same decorating rules apply no matter if you are decorating a room on the interior of your home or an outdoor space.
Lighting is also key.  There are many beautiful options for outdoor lighting that can mimic your interior style.  Lowes and Ballard Designs have several options online:
If afternoon heat is an issue, hang outdoor fabric panels around the perimeter of the porch to provide light control.  Another feature of fabric panels is that they can also block unsightly features and add privacy.
f172944ddc4edb6880e8c4b60708adc4Not sure what colors to use on your porch?Take your cues from your interior color palette or your exterior color palette, i.e, front door or shutter colors.  This will help your home appear seamless when coming and going.
The last step is to accessorize your space! Place potted plants in corners or on each side of a doorway ~ Palms and Ferns are good options.
Visit second hand stores, tag sales or antique stores for interesting finds like a wooden shutter, windmill blades, antique bird cage, wooden oars or vintage cooler, etc. which could all add interest and whimsy to your space.
Add lanterns and citronella candles. Candles bring a glow and help with bug control.
The last element to be added is you, your friends and family and fun!
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