springtimeSpring is here (although you wouldn’t know it today ~ it snowed last night here in Ohio).

Let’s remember those warm temperatures by lightening up our decor.  Here are a few suggestions for a fresh new look!

1.  Take out any dark accessories like velvet pillows, wool throws, heavy/dark window treatments.

2.  A fresh coat of paint will always brighten a space.   White walls are refreshing when the summer heat is blazing outside.  White walls also allow you to experiment with colored accessories ~ Anything goes!

3.  Bring in fresh flowers and green plants.  A great resource is Sam’s Club or other wholesale stores.  Throw out any dead plants that didn’t make it through the winter.

4.  Soften wooden pieces or worn upholstered pieces with slipcovers, preferably in a light colored fabric. (~Ask me about our custom slip cover service~ 234-678-0836)

5.  Add flowery bed linens to your bedroom or guest room.

6.  Roll up your oriental rugs and replace them with sea grass or sisal rugs.

7.  Introduce wicker pieces into your decor.  Add colorful pillows that tie into your existing decor.

8.  Summer, Spring, Fall or Winter every room can use a touch of black.

9.  Clean out the firewood from your fireplace and replace it with a large fern positioned in front of the opening or several large white candles.

10.  Bring the outside in.  Cut flowering branches from the yard and place them casually in a vase with water.  Display on your dining room table.